Chapter dues for 2017 are $8 and national dues are $29 (to receive our glossy wonderful magazine The Fruit Gardener electronically) or $39 ( to receive it by post).  Please note that you must be a national member in order to be a recognized member of this, or any other, chapter.  Pay your chapter dues at a meeting or contact our Treasurer about mailing them to her. Membership for both chapter and national is assumed to be a family membership.

You can make checks payable to CRFG, Inc. and send your national dues directly to:   California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc.,  66 Farragut Avenue,  San Francisco,CA 94112.  There is also a PayPal link on the national organization’s website  Alternately, you can send one check for national and chapter dues ($37 or $47, depending on how you receive your Fruit Gardener) to our chapter treasurer, Andree, and she will send in your national dues for you.

Please note: if you have sent chapter dues without being a member of the national CRFG, your $8 will be returned to you.  While we appreciate your interest in the West LA chapter and hope not to lose your participation, we are a chapter of the larger CRFG organization.  Membership in our parent group is required and will be strictly enforced!