Saturday, January 10th @ 9 am (please note time!)


Topic: Cherimoya

Speaker: Dario Grossberger

It is very exciting to announce that Dario Grossberger will speak to us on Cherimoya! Dario is a world-renowned expert on cherimoya care, propagation, and production. He owns and operates Condor Growers in Camarillo, where he and his parents have produced cherimoya for over 20 years. He was growing cherimoya before most of us had ever heard of the fruit! The Grossbergers also produce other tropical and subtropical fruit, such as persimmons, avocados, and lemons (used for packing). Dario sends boxes of cherimoyas all over the world!

Dario is the current President of the California Cherimoya Association. Born in Bolivia, he holds a PhD in Biochemistry from USC and worked in the field of molecular biology for about 10 years prior to becoming involved with producing cherimoyas. However, he continues to use his science background to do research. For example, he is currently working to produce a seedless cherimoya.

Dario will speak about various aspects of cherimoya production, including varieties, pollination, grafting, and marketing. He is the master of grafting and growing cherimoya. You can find out more on his website

We are very lucky to have Dario speak so don’t miss this great meeting! Come and learn more about the fruit that Mark Twain called “deliciousness itself.”

Meeting site is our regular Kaizuka Room at the Veterans Memorial Building, 4117 Overland Ave., Culver City 90230.  Details on the Location page.



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