Saturday April 11, 2015 @ 10:00 a.m.


Topic: Q & A with Alex Silber and Charles Portney

Location: Veterans Memorial Building, Kaizuka Room, 4117 Overland Avenue, Culver City


Our own experts, Alex Silber and Charles Portney, have agreed to answer our questions regarding planting, growing, training, fruiting, and propagating fruit trees. They will share their considerable expertise and experience on all topics related to fruiting plants. Margaret Frane will act as moderator. So, if you have an important question or two, you can email them to Margaret and those will be among the first questions Alex and Charles are asked to consider (

Alex, a professional nurseryman, is the owner of Papaya Tree Nursery. The nursery, in Granada Hills, is one of the few nationally recognized rare-fruit nurseries in the world and Alex obtains new plant material from all over the globe, including Hawaii and Israel. For example, Papaya Tree Nursery was one of the first to introduce the Babaco Papaya (hence the name of the nursery) and the Pitaya to California. Now this wonderful and unusual nursery boasts some of the rarer and most delicious Pitaya.

Alex has Lucuma and Sapodilla fruiting heavily in his back garden, an unheard of event in Southern California. He has also fruited a grafted Green Sapote and Canistel (eggfruit), a very rare occurrence in our area. He grows (and sells!) “clonally propagated varieties” of  Lucuma, Canistel, Sapodilla, Pitanga, Wampi, Carambola, Guava, Allspice, Bayrum, Kei Apple, Jujube, Rose Apple, Pitomba, Jaboticaba, Wax Jambu, and Mango, among others. He also fruits Capers and Miracle fruit! His knowledge and experience are exceptional. If you want to buy trees or just see the nursery, call Alex at 818 363-3680.

Many of you have seen Charles’ garden. He has a wonderfully diverse and healthy backyard orchard with a great many very unusual tropical and sub-tropical fruit trees. He has fruited many trees most of us have never seen in fruit, such as the Etrog, Grumichama, Lucuma, and Jaboticaba. He is always trying something new and is very knowledgeable in all areas of propagating and growing rare fruit trees. Charles propagates hundreds of plants with phenomenal success! Then he brings those plants to our meetings for the raffle. We have all taken home some of Charles’ propagated plants! We thank you again, Charles, for all our plants!


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