November 9th / 10 am @ Beverly Hills Library



Kevin Hauser is an amateur pomologist who specializes in growing apples in local warm climates and the tropics.  He grows over 100 varieties of apples at his home in Riverside, California and is the author of the book “Growing Apples in the City: Growing Apples in a Warm Climate.”  He is the proprietor of Kuffel Creek Apple Nursery, a mail order nursery that ships apple benchgrafts to hot climates such as Southern California, Arizona, and Hawaii, and internationally to such places as Bangkok and Dubai.  He has lectured to garden groups in Southern California and Arizona, as well as New England.

Last year Kevin opened a branch of Kuffel Creek Apple Nursery in Uganda, East Africa, to better serve the rural tropic apple farmer.  In conjunction with this, Kevin also released his second book, “Growing Apples in the Tropics: Growing Apples Where They’re Not Supposed To.”   His training materials are used to teach apple culture to farmers and government agriculture officials throughout East Africa.

Kevin will be lecturing on apple culture for a warm climate, including suitable varieties, planting, training, fertilizing, thinning, and harvesting, as well as culinary uses of different varieties.  He will also discuss how apples are grown in the tropics, with zero chilling hours and seasons governed by rainfall, not by temperature or day length.

He will be bringing some apple trees, as well as some of his books and DVDs, should you be interested in purchasing any.

Please click HERE for information on changed meeting location.


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