May 11th – 10 AM: Charles Portney on composting!

Charles Portney isan expert on organic mulch and composting.  He will tell us about the benefits, the science, and the practical process of making and using compost.  In his garden, Charles uses a thick layer of compost and organic mulch.  He believes in feeding the soil, not the plants.  Charles has been gardening for many years.  His medical education has helped him to understand the chemistry and biology of the plants and the soil.  Because of this, he has a scientific approach to gardening, in addition to his experience and his love for digging around in the dirt and watching things grow.

Compost is the answer to almost all gardening problems!  If you have problems with soil compaction, try compost.  If you have problems with drainage, try compost.

If you have problems with plant disease or nutrients, try compost.  If you have problems with roots getting dry – well, you get the picture!  Compost encourages tiny microbes, beneficial mites, and earthworms.  And how do you insure that the compost you use is healthy and free of contaminants?  Make your own!  Come to the meeting on May 11th and learn just how to do this, from an expert!

Charles will be bringing plants, including some large ones, so allow car space!

This is a rare opportunity to learn all the nitty gritty from one of the best.  Mark your calendars now!  At Star Education.


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