March Meeting: March 9th at 9 a.m.

Please notice that we’re meeting an hour earlier.  Don’t come late and miss all the good stuff.  Also, we’ll be meeting in a tent structure, so dress warmly.  And bring snacks!

Location:  Star Eco Station (our regular spot)

Topic: A Panorama of World Fruit Resources

Joseph Simcox, a Botanical Explorer, ethnobotanist, and Global Food Plant Researcher, will speak about his experiences traveling the world in search of food crops.  His work is to identify the world’s food plant resources and promote the use and improvement of thousands of species to ensure food security for all.  He does not presently have a home, but lives out of two suitcases, having now visited almost 100 countries for his studies, in a pursuit of understanding the world’s greatest modern dilemma! Food! He collaborates with industry, independent growers, universities, governments and other organizations to make his work available for use for all.

Joseph is a phenomenal speaker.  His talk will leave you with ideas that you never considered about fruit, health and our future. Other chapters are welcome to join us.


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