June 14th at 1:30 pm, 4117 Overland


**Please note change of time and site!!!!!**


Meeting site: Veterans Memorial Building, Kaizuka Room

4117 Overland Ave., Culver City 90230

 (This is a large beautiful building and is hard to miss.  It’s on the southwest corner of Overland and Culver Blvd.  This map will help you find our meeting room.  We will also meet here in August and October, but in the morning)

Propagation and Care of Passion Fruit

Speaker: Patrice Dreckmann

 Patrice is an agribusiness professional with years of international experience. He is knowledgeable in all aspects of agribusiness and nursery development, including crop selection, production, diversification, protection, distribution, irrigation system design, pest control, finance, marketing, and sales, as well as general plant propagation and production. One of his specialties is passion fruit!

Patrice has lived in many countries. He earned a BS in Agronomic Engineering from Catholic University in Santiago, Chile, a Masters in Plant Nutrition and Soil Science from University of Seville in Granada, Spain, and a Doctorate in Natural Sciences/Plant Ecology from University of Paris-Orsay, France. He also did post-doctoral research in Paris. He is currently technical director of Rainbow Heights Nursery and Research Corporation in Rainbow, California.

Specializing in figs, berries, Muscat grapes, pomegranates, mulberries, prickly pears, vegetable crops and horticultural crops, Patrice is highly knowledgeable about passion fruit, as well as other fruiting plants and their propagation and care. This should be a really great talk. Don’t miss it!


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