June 11th @ 10 a.m WORMS!

Meeting site: Veterans Memorial Building, Garden Room, 4117 Overland Ave., Culver City 90230 

Chapter member Ronni Kern, mostly known for the cookies she brings to meetings, has secretly been keeping worms imprisoned but happy for over twenty years.  Eisenia fetida — aka red wrigglers — are demons at eating kitchen waste and turning it into easy-to-harvest compost.  Since they are especially fond of rotting fruit and melon rinds, they are a natural adjunct to our fruit growing.  And, for those of us no longer willing or able to turn compost heaps, vermiculture is an infinitely less-demanding alternative.

Having worked her way through most of the commercially-available worm bins, Ronni has been most successful with the one she made herself and will bring plans so that you, too, can make one just like it!  She will also, with help from our awesome president Bruce, will be bringing that very worm farm.  So, should you wish, you can run your hands through her worms.

Other topics under discussion will be bedding preparation and harvesting techniques.  Alas, she will probably not be bringing cookies.  So please bring your own fruit or other treats to share.

Please bring any plants that you have propagated to share with other members!  Spring is a great time to share!