Saturday July 13th @ 10 am

Topic: Water conditions in Southern CA

Speakers: Carolyn Schaffer and Wigsbert Mendoza

Carolyn Schaffer and Wigs Mendoza and will speak to us about ways to conserve and utilize existing water sources in our area.  Ms Schaffer is the Resource Specialist and Mr. Mendoza is Program Manager of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.  Metropolitan is the largest regional water wholesaler.  It is comprised of 26 member public agencies that collectively serve 19 million people spanning six Southland counties.

Water has become a critical issue for everyone.  Many of us in the CRFG are concerned about the cost and conservation of water.  We have dry conditions this year and Ms Schaffer and Mr. Mendoza will tell us about our options to efficiently use water, as well as avail ourselves of possible water rebates and incentive plans.

Mr. Mendoza noted that currently, in Singapore, rainwater harvesting is punishable by law, since any water that falls on the ground is considered to belong to the state.


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