CHANGE OF TIME/LOCATION!January 12th at 2: Tools in the Garden

Speaker: Bill Jones of ARS Tools

Location: 901 N. Whittier Drive, Beverly Hills, CA

At our first meeting in 2013, Bill Jones, from ARS Tools, will talk to us about tools available for the home gardener.  ARS tools are high quality gardening tools.  Bill will introduce us to their products and answer questions regarding gardening tools in general.  Samples, catalogs, and order sheets will be available. Bill will be offering a large discount on his entire tool catalog. We invite other chapters to share this opportunity to buy prime tools at discount prices.

 ARS was established in 1876, in Japan.  The firm uses four concepts:

1) Steel quality – a good cutting edge results from good quality steel.

2) Thermal treatment – heat treating and hardness are key factors of cutting edges.

3) Grinding – By converting their master technique into the numerical scale,     ARS is able to produce the very small edge angle on saw-tooth tools.

4) Design – ARS’s new designs feature ergonomics, economics and durability.

This is a good chance to learn about gardening tools and purchase those you need at lower prices.  Alex Silber, of Papaya Tree Nursery, has praised ARS tools.  Come and see for yourself what makes a great gardening tool!

In addition, we are asking each of you to bring in your favorite garden tools – tools that make your gardening more efficient or easier.  Please plan to show your favorite tools and explain their uses and advantages.  We want tools that do all kinds of tasks, for example, tools for pruning, grafting, digging, air layering, composting, strapping, and weeding.

We will also be discussing techniques for pruning your fruit trees and the proper way to collect scion wood for our scion exchange in February, 2013.

Again, we encourage people to bring in their favorite garden tools for a great show and tell.


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