“Fruits in the Urban Landscape” Saturday Jan 14th


Speaker: Professor Jorge Ochoa

Location: Veterans Memorial Building, Multipurpose Room, 4117 Overland Ave., Culver City 90230

Time: 10 am – noon

Professor Ochoa is a chapter favorite, with his exciting presentation
style and captivating pictures. He leads the Horticulture department at
Long Beach City College where he specializes in passionfruit breeding.
For our next meeting, he will be showing us that we do not need to have
an airplane ticket and deep pockets to explore for new fruit varieties.
Many people rave about traveling to faraway lands to encounter and
taste new and exciting fruits. However, it seems like luck has forgotten
about the people who are unable to currently travel. Jorge will be
showing us where and how we can access local exotics that may be right
under our noses.

Please bring fruit or other treats to share. The more we share, the
more we encourage others.

Please bring any plants and seeds as well to share with other