Field Trip: Saturday May 13, 2017 @ 10 a.m.

Edgar and Pat Valdivia’s Garden

 Plus a Bonus Garden!

Visit the large and remarkable home collection of one of our very enthusiastic and successful members!  Edgar specializes in growing tropicals and subtropicals, in doing research, and in developing new fruit varieties.  He has often spoken on the pitahaya (dragon fruit) and is the go-to person for many fruit questions.  He and Pat are also very active in the Cherimoya Association and the Pitahaya/Dragon Fruit Festival.  Edgar grows different varieties of pitahaya, passion fruit, lucuma (from which he makes a fantastic ice cream), cherimoya, Surinam cherries, and much more, in addition to more common fruits such as figs.

 Edgar and Pat have been members of the CRFG for many years.  They have both worked tirelessly for the LA Chapter (Pat is their program chair) and are very gracious hosts.

Edgar is a native of Peru, a country rich in fruit like the cherimoya and sapote.  Perhaps that is where he cultivated a taste for such fruits!  When Edgar retired from his work as a computer engineer, he didn’t dabble in various interests; he threw himself whole-heartedly into raising Peruvian Paso horses.  Then his interests focused on growing rare fruit trees and developing new varieties. Using words like enthusiastic and dedicated seem too mild when describing Edgar!  He is passionate about growing, fruiting, and developing new varieties.

Edgar’s neighbor, Paul Talley has agreed to also open his backyard for our visit!  Paul specializes in figs.  According to Edgar, Paul has quite an interesting garden and Edgar’s recommendation is golden; he doesn’t recommend lightly!

Don’t miss seeing these exceptional gardens and hearing Edgar’s talk on May 13.  You will learn a lot and Edgar’s enthusiasm will send you excitedly racing out to start more of your own planting!  Please plan on carpooling.  Call Hal Golden

310 839-4643 for directions, carpooling help and to offer a seat in your car.

Come and see what our members grow!