Field Trip Saturday March 8, 2014 @10:00 a.m.

Steven Wynbrandt, of The Wynbrandt Farm and Wynbrandt Biodynamic Compost, will give us a tour of his unusual garden.  He specializes in raised vegetable beds and biodynamic composting.  However, he has added quite a few fruit trees to the mix.

Steven is a biodynamic compost maker, farmer, educator and consultant. In addition to his one-of-a-kind compost business, he teaches all age groups, leads workshops, and consults for organizations large and small – from Hazon, UCLA, SMC, and The L.A. Community Garden Council, to gardening groups, families and individuals. Rooted in subsistence agriculture, he grows food for his family and friends and grows seasonal micro and baby greens for select local restaurants and neighbors.

In the spring of 2009, Steven had an ambitious vision and began transforming his backyard in West LA from a shaded field of weeds and 50 ft. trees into a sun-soaked urban mini-farm. In his wildest dreams, he didn’t imagine what profound blessings, abundance, and fulfillment this journey would bring. Steven’s 1st mentor, a veteran, organic farmer, propelled him eons ahead of where he otherwise would have been as a newbie farmer.  Within his 1st year of growing food, he began speaking to groups and leading workshops based on his story and the methods behind his success, and began selling his produce to chefs.

Steven is the protégé of one of the greatest living Biodynamic compost masters in the U.S. and is now the youngest of a lineage that dates back to Rudolph Steiner, the father of Biodynamic agriculture. In the highest agricultural circles in the world, Biodynamics is regarded as the most advanced system of farming that humanity has ever known, producing the most sustainably grown, nutrient rich food on earth. The cornerstone of the Biodynamic method is its compost. The vegetable beds of The Wynbrandt Farm are regarded by some of L.A.’s most esteemed garden professionals as “the highest expectation of health, vibrancy and intensity” and Wynbrandt Biodynamic Compost is considered by many as the finest compost available in L.A. and far beyond. The compost is available to gardeners and farmers throughout L.A.

To learn more and see photos of his journey, see

Garden etiquette:

1. Please do not pick any fruit or vegetables, even off the ground.

2. Please do not break or cut any wood.  Do not collect any seedpods, etc.

3. Watch where you step.  Young plants and watering systems are often delicate.

4. Please do not enter the home.  There is no restroom available.

5. Avoid pulling blossoms or touching plants.  Our host may have spent years of patient work planning, hybridizing, and grafting.  You don’t want to destroy his work.

6.  Do not ask for seeds, slips, or plants.

7.  If there are paths, stay on them to avoid trampling plants, basins, and plots.

9.  Ask permission before taking pictures and don’t delay the pilgrimage with your photography.

10.  Never take a dog.

11.  Be prepared with an umbrella if it looks like rain.

12. Please note that there will be no access to a restroom on the field trip.


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