Field Trip Saturday July 12 @ 10 a.m.

To:  Home Garden of Jerry Schwartz

Jerry Schwartz has a remarkable fruit garden. He has raised vegetable beds and over 250 fruit trees that fill his small jungle. Among the trees are over 60 varieties of citrus, 11 varieties of persimmons, 20 pomegranates, 7 loquats, over 20 stone fruits, cherries, 8 pitanga, grumichama, fruiting jaboticaba, babaco, kei apple, figs, pineapple, tropical guava, strawberry guava, cherry of the Rio Grande, pitaya, pitahaya, grapes, passion fruit and many more. All are densely planted. You will see trees laden with fruit. And, Jerry doesn’t water the established trees! It is phenomenal that, in the valley, he can do without watering and yet get large crops of delicious fruit.

When arriving at the jungle, pass the cow and stop at the pig.


1. Please do not pick any fruit or vegetables, even off the ground.

2. Please do not break or cut any wood. Do not collect any seedpods, etc.

3. Watch where you step. Young plants and watering systems are often delicate.

4. Please do not even ask to enter the home. There is no restroom available. Jerry’s wife will be recovering from surgery and we will not disturb her.

5. Avoid pulling blossoms or touching plants. Our host has spent years of patient work planning, hybridizing, and grafting. You don’t want to destroy his work.

6. Do not ask for seeds, slips, or plants.


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