An Exciting Field Trip to La Verne Nursery!

Saturday January 9, 2016 @ 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. (please note time)

335 Main Street Piru, CA 93040

[Take the 405 Fwy. north to the I-5 and continue north on the I-5 (Golden State Fwy.) to CA-126. Take CA-126 (Newhall Ranch Rd), exit 172) west toward Ventura. In a little over 11 miles, turn right onto Main Street. #335 Main Street will be on your left.].

We have arranged a tour of La Verne Nursery at their huge Piru Facility. La Verne is one of the premier sources of tropical and subtropical fruiting plants in our area and we all probably have at least a plant or two from their nursery. Daniel Nelson, Director of Nursery Operations, will be our tour guide. He will discuss such topics as mass propagation, container culture, and specific care instructions for various fruit trees, as well as answer any questions our members may have. This is a rare chance to see how a large nursery goes about producing many thousands of plants a year and to learn from Dan’s professional expertise. We will be able to see their propagation facilities and techniques. Perhaps we will see how their nursery grafts new scion wood to rootstock. Although La Verne Nursery does not sell retail, as special guests we will be able to purchase trees after the tour at near wholesale prices. The last time we purchased trees from La Verne Nursery, the plants were large, healthy, and beautiful! Everyone was immensely pleased with the plants purchased. You can pre-order any plants that you want (before we get to the nursery). Go online to see what plants are available at: This list shows what plants the nursery has in abundance and may not include all the possibilities you will find when you are there. Please note that you cannot order online. Select your plants and call or email Bruce to tell him what plants you want to order. All sales will be cash; buyers will be responsible for paying for and transporting their own purchases at the end of the tour. Should we have over $500 in our order, they may be able to deliver to a single location in West LA.

To see the La Verne website, click on La Verne Nursery, Inc.

The nursery is some distance from West LA, so plan to carpool. Contact Hal Golden (see number at left) if you need a ride or have a seat in your car for another member.
Members of the Los Angeles Chapter are welcome.

Many thanks to Brian Swan for coordinating this field trip with Daniel Nelson.