Dear Fellow West LA Members,

Between our excitement to get today’s wonderful lecture by Jorge Ochoa started, and  my basic brain-dead state, I forgot to announce the fact that I had brought a sample bag of compost to the meeting today.  Those of you who saw it, liked it a lot.  Hal Golden brought home the sample bag and you can ask him his opinion too (click Contact Us above).

This compost is produced by Jorge Chediak, a wonderful man from Canyon Country, who makes it from his daughter’s horse’s manure, his wife’s chicken’s manure and the greens from his land.  He is meticulous about never using manure or droppings from treated animals and I have had wonderful success with his compost.  The extremely heavy 2 cubic foot bags are $5 apiece.  With an order of 20 bags, Jorge will deliver right to your door.  Contact the Webmaster (me)  if you are interested.  For smaller orders, we will have to accumulate a total of 20 bags to make Jorge’s trip worthwhile.

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One Response to Compost!

  1. Jim shelburne says:

    I’m interested in compost. How?
    I’m in west hills. 91307
    Interested in fig trees too

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