The West LA Chapter still needs a meeting site

HELP! The West LA Chapter is searching for a meeting site! We meet on the second Saturday of the month. We could change that to the first or third Saturday, although the second is the best choice, due to holidays, etc. We have guest speakers for six or seven of the months of the year and field trips the other months. This is roughly every other month, but timing depends on speakers’ schedules and availability of field trips.

If you know of any place we could meet, please contact Bruce or Margaret! Free is best; minimum cost is next best. At $8 per member per year, we do not have funds to pay hundreds of dollars a year to rent a site unless we raise dues significantly or take part in considerable fund-raising activities. Newsletter costs (photocopying and postage) take most of our money. Insurance and our website take most of what’s left. We also purchase coffee, sweeteners, cream, cups, plates, utensils, and napkins for the meetings. Even without paying for a meeting site, we depend on plant raffles to make ends meet! Please note that no one in our WLA CRFG membership is paid anything at all.

We generally need an indoor room, as most of our speakers require audio-visual equipment (which we do not own; we borrow from members). Also, in winter and spring there is always the threat of rain.

Surely there is a group or company out there with a room we could use on Saturday mornings 6 or 7 times a year! We clean up after ourselves! Please help us find that room!

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