Invitation to LA Chapter field trip

We have been graciously invited to join the LA Chapter of CRFG for their field trip this month.   These are the details:

Date: Saturday, February 23, 2013

 Time: 10 AM

 Place: Urban Organic Farm of Christopher Wilcox.

 (please call Pat Valdivia  805 584 6244 or email at if you need address)

 Program: Jacky Bolbat (Surber) is a former Los Angeles Chapter member and a professional organic gardener. Besides working on her mother’s orchard, which she and her mother have graciously invited us to visit in April, she’s invited us to see the “urban organic farm” she’s created for homeowner, Christopher Wilcox, in the Los Feliz area. His home and the neighbor’s land he uses is less than an acre, and features many types of fruit trees and plentiful other carefully-selected varieties of food-bearing and other plants. We are very grateful to Jacky for approaching our chapter, knowing that what she’s achieved at this locale is exactly the kind of planting we take a great interest in. There are not many parking opportunities right by the address we are visiting, so we might think about carpooling and/or planning to walk, probably uphill, a block or two.

Directions: Please use your GPS or Thomas guide. It is about a 25 minute drive from the Valley, location is off the 101 Freeway and near Griffith Park.

Note:  As always when visiting someone else’s garden: no picking of either fruit or branches, no climbing and please watch where you step. Thank you.

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