Despite the fact that our speaker failed to show, last Saturday’s meeting was quite wonderful.  Charles and Bruce brought a ton of plants to raffle and their descriptions of their offerings were both edifying and inspiring (not to mention funny!).   Everything from babaco papaya plants to cherimoya seedlings to Cherries of Rio Grande to even a Black Sapote are now settling into their new homes.

There was also a group discussion of the need for a Chapter forum which has, as of today, magically sprung into existence.   Well, magically might be too strong a word.  I definitely could have used a little pixie dust and I do apologize for the forum’s clunkiness.  It is my first, the software is free and basically unsupported, and I really don’t have a clue how to modify a .css.  But if you look to the right side of our home page you will now see Forum:  The Nursery…. which is what I am calling our forum since I hope great things will grow there.

Anyone can read it and if you register, then you can also post on it.  Please do!  And check it frequently!  Like a plant, it will wither without attention.


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