Our next meeting is April 14th.

Topic: Honey Bee Management

Speaker: David Saraf

David, of A-Bee Man, Expert Bee Removal, is a beekeeper who very much enjoys the art of beekeeping.  Born in Israel, David began learning about bees at the early age of 5, at the side of his grandfather. In 1982 David migrated to the United States and settled in California.  He has been involved in all aspects of beekeeping, from managing multiple hives and honey collection, to swarm management, to teaching and assisting amateurs to set up and manage their own hives.  He maintains several apiaries and supplies bees for the apiaries of other beekeepers.   Unlike many bee removal companies, David always tries to safely relocate swarms rather then poison them.  He believes that we should do everything possible individually and as a nation to save honey bee colonies that become a problem in buildings and yards.

David notes that honey bees are our most beneficial insect.  We should do all we can to protect bee colonies, which contribute as pollinators for many of our fruits and vegetables.  Eighty percent of fruits and vegetables that require pollination may not make it to market if we don’t do all we can do to save the bees.  Honey bees are the primary pollinators of almonds, apples, blackberries, blueberries, cantaloupes, cranberries, cucumbers, forage crops, kiwi fruit, squash and watermelons.

Over the years David has assisted many companies and individuals resolve their bee problems.  He personally introduced beekeeping to our Chair, Bruce Blavin, and over the years has helped him manage his bees.

David will discuss the different bees in a hive and their responsibilities to the hive.  He will tell us what to do if a wild hive settles in our backyard.  He will discuss some of the fundamentals of keeping bees and how beekeepers are dealing with the global problem of colony collapse disorder.   To contact David call (310) 207-1090 in LA  or (818) 889-2728 in the Valley or email David at Davidabeeman@yahoo.com.

Note: If your last name starts with a letter M through Z, please bring something tasty to the meeting!

Please bring your propagated plants for our plant sale/raffle.  Share your successful plants.

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One Response to Our next meeting is April 14th.

  1. Ronni says:

    Thank you, David! It was a great meeting!

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